What You Should Know About Your Theme Park Claim

Were you hurt in a theme park? Learn what you should know about your theme park claim in this article. Then, call our Orlando lawyers today.

Choosing a Theme Park Injury Attorney

What You Should Know About Your Theme Park ClaimOrlando, Florida is one of those areas in the country that is known for their theme parks. We have many in the area that tourists and locals enjoy alike. With the amount of people that come in from out of state, out of country and locally, there are going to be injuries involved. Just last week we were was talking to someone who was in from out of the country, and they had injured themselves at one of the local theme parks.

What’s very important is that you get an attorney that is knowledgeable with working on cases against the theme parks. There are many in central Florida and the Orlando area, and each one has their own particular way of handling their cases. There are some theme parks that are reasonable and like to work with injured parties, and those cases can be resolved in a more reasonable and timely manner; and there are some theme parks throughout Orlando, Florida, that tend to be more difficult, and they tend to fight everything and drag everything on.

You need to make sure you have an attorney that knows that and make sure the attorney has handled cases against a variety of these theme parks and know what their tactics are, know how to deal with them, so they can advise you that this theme park is difficult to work with so you should expect a long and protracted fight, or this theme park is reasonable and we should be able to resolve this case without too much of your time, without too much of expense. That’s very important because it’s a very detailed area in terms of who the insurance companies represent, who those clients are. Making sure that you have an attorney that is knowledgeable with all those different ins and outs and the differences between the theme parks is going to be key in keeping you updated, keeping you informed, and insuring that you get the best possible outcome of your theme park injury case here in Orlando, Florid. If you have any other questions about that, please contact us.

Available Damages After a Theme Park Injury

Just last week we had a client come in who was injured at one of the local theme parks. They had slipped and fallen on the premises there and they had asked me, “What damages can I expect to receive as a result of the theme park negligence?”

In Florida, as a result of someone else’s negligence, a party is entitled to various types of damages. Some of these damages range from getting paid back your medical bills, getting the future medical bills paid if, for example, you need future therapies or future procedures, surgeries, treatments, or anything like that. Those are all compensable, so we can ask for those in terms of damages.

Maybe you’ve been out of work. If you’re out of work, we can get you compensated for past lost wages. If you’re unable to work in the future, we can go after loss of future earning capacity, which is essentially loss of future earnings. Those are one of the damages. Those are all monetary, in terms of us being able to determine those based on actual hard evidence. We know what the medical bills are; we’re given those by your provider. We can estimate what the medical bills are in terms of your future needs by getting information from medical providers as well. If it’s lost wages we’re dealing with, we can just check your records to be able to determine what wages you missed out on and what wages you may miss out in the future.

The other damages are more emotional damages, and they are what’s called pain and suffering. Pain and suffering involves, essentially, what suffering and pain you’ve had to endure as a result of the injuries you sustained. There’s also loss of enjoyment of life. Maybe your injuries caused you not to be able to enjoy life as you once did. You can’t go jogging anymore, you can’t go do weightlifting or hiking anymore, or you’re limited. These are all damages that we can put together for you.

I would say that hiring an attorney experienced in this is going to be critical. They’re going to be able to make sure that they can put all of these damages together in to one package to ensure the best outcome for you. If you have any other questions about damages in theme park accident cases, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Theme Park Injury Insurance Investigation

When we had a client come in and they were talking about their fall at one of the local theme parks, a question we often get is, “Should I be speaking to the theme park representative? They’ve reached out to me. They have sent me letters. They’re trying to get me to talk to them.”

We would say, under most circumstances, no, do not speak to the representatives of the theme park or the insurance company if they are asking you to give them a statement or some kind of recording or any kind of detailed explanation of what may or may not have happened. We say in certain circumstances because if you have hired an attorney and discussed the facts of your case with the attorney, and your attorney decides that it’s in your best interest to speak to the insurance company, in terms of helping you cooperate with the investigation of the case, you may do that, but that’s in very limited circumstances. For the most part, we would say, no, do not speak to the insurance company. We would say do not speak to the insurance company alone, ever, in any of these situations.

Sometimes we have clients who, when they’re at the theme park, a theme park representative will try to reach out to them while they’re lying there on the ground or while they’re being helped by EMT’s. Be careful of giving any great detail into what happened. Let them know what body part you’ve injured, let them know what may or may not have happened. Aside from that, just give them the basics of the situation so they can fill out an incident report. If they do that, make sure that you get a copy of that, and make sure that you read the incident report before you fill it out, sign it, and give it back to them.

We’ve had cases where some of these incident reports have questions in there which basically have the person signing it admit that they were negligent or admit that they’re not going to pursue any claim against the theme park. Be very careful with speaking to the theme parks. Don’t ever speak to the theme park’s insurance representative without an attorney. In some cases it’s okay, if you’re with your attorney or under the guidance of your attorney, to speak with them; that way you can help in the investigation, and they can’t deny you benefits for not cooperating with their claim. If you have any other questions about theme park accidents, please contact our office.

Have you suffered a serious injury at a theme park in Florida on someone else’s property that you believe was caused by negligence and carelessness and have questions about what you should know about your theme park claim? Contact our experienced Orlando theme park accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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