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Orlando Personal Injury Lawyers

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Orlando Personal Injury Lawyers

Serving Clients in Orlando, Pinellas Park and Central Florida

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Dont Make These 7 Personal Injury Case Mistakes

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Personal injury claims encompass many ways a person can get hurt  through another person’s negligence or carelessness. Examples range from vehicle accidents to dog bites, medical malpractice, slip and fall, and negligent security incidents, to name just a few.

If you are reading this, you may have been seriously hurt by a personal injury. You may be in pain and still enduring medical treatments. You’ve likely missed work, causing financial strain. You are probably also stressed by finding someone to help you with a personal injury claim.

We want to help. We offer free legal advice. Contact our Orlando personal injury lawyers today.

You don’t have to worry about having money to pay us upfront to get the answers you need. You can call us anytime and schedule a free legal consultation.

The information on this webpage will provide you with important facts about your personal injury claim. We’ll start off with the common mistakes we see people in Orlando make in their claims. Then, we’ll relate a story that will give you even more helpful information. Make sure you read it all.

Common Mistakes in Personal Injury Claims

The best way to save yourself from making any of the mistakes listed below is to familiarize yourself with them. Be sure to read each one to avoid accidentally derailing your claim.

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    Make Sure You Get Checked By a Doctor

    Sometimes, when people are injured in a traumatic event, the adrenaline and cortisol that flood their bodies make it tough to feel pain. While this is temporary, it can last several hours, even into the next day. A person who can’t tell they are seriously injured may not realize how important getting medical attention is.

    Don’t make this mistake. You need to protect your physical wellbeing by getting examined. In addition, this will create an official record of the time, date, and nature of your injuries that will become a valuable piece of evidence for a personal injury claim.

    Without a medical record of your injuries and when they occurred, your personal injury case will be much weaker than it could be. Don’t help the insurance company devalue your case. Get medical attention as soon as possible after a personal injury.

    Make Sure you Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

    Just as it’s important to see a doctor after a personal injury, it’s crucial to follow the treatment plan you receive from that doctor. There are many forms this can take, such as physical therapy, medications, or trauma counseling. Every prescriptions and medical appointments create more evidence that supports your claim.

    Just as it’s important to do what the doctor tells you, it’s important not to do activities the doctor advises you to stop until you are stronger. If it’s discovered that you’ve gone surfing, for example, when you are recovering from a head injury, this can derail your claim.

    Overdoing your activities when the doctor advises rest will open the door for the insurance company to say you must be lying about the extent of your injuries. Or, they can try to blame any complications during your recovery on your own “recklessness.”

    Remember, anything the insurance company can blame on you relieves them of some of the responsibility for your claim, lowering its value.

    Don’t Give the Insurance Provider a Recorded Statement

    This is a biggie. Contrary to how the insurance company may make it sound, giving them a recorded statement will not help move your case along. In truth, the insurance adjuster is hoping to find something in what you’ve said to weaken your claim and save them money.

    Don’t give them the chance. It’s common for people not to know they are allowed to refuse to provide a recorded statement. Your best course of action is to decline to talk and hang up.

    Dealing with the insurance company is a chore ideally left to your Orlando personal injury lawyer.

    Not Calling an Attorney Quickly Enough

    When you’ve been seriously injured by another’s negligence, finding a lawyer may be the furthest thing from your mind. Besides, the statute of limitations for filing may seem like plenty of time.

    It’s important to remember that the quality of the evidence for your case, including witness testimony, will be weaker the longer you wait. Witnesses may also become difficult to locate.

    Give your lawyer the best chance to build you a strong case by calling as soon as you are able.

    Make Sure Your Lawyer is a Good Fit

    It’s a mistake to believe that any lawyer can get you equal results, no matter what type of case you have. Like doctors, lawyers focus on practice areas, each with its specific knowledge base of statutes, case histories, rules, and regulations.

    You will get the most successful results for your personal injury claim with a lawyer who focuses on personal injury cases. It’s also to your advantage to make sure your lawyer is a trial lawyer.

    Should the insurance company refuse to offer a fair and reasonable settlement, you’re going to need someone skilled and comfortable in front of a jury. Insurance companies are often aware of who the successful trial lawyers are. Just knowing who you’ve hired can bring the insurance company to the negotiation table to avoid a trial.

    Either way, your best case will be made with a personal injury trial lawyer who has a track record of winning in court.

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    Have you been seriously injured because someone else was acting carelessly or negligently and now you don’t know what to do? We are here for you during this troubling time to help you understand what your rights are and to fight for you to get the full and fair justice you deserve. Our Orlando personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients receive justice and focus on providing you with the same, fair results that we have received for others. Call our office today to set up a free consultation.

    Types of Cases We Handle

    Personal injury cases can involve a lot of different things. The term ‘personal injury’ is a blanket term that covers a lot of different types of accidents and incidents. Our Orlando personal injury lawyers handle many of these cases and we hope you reach out to us if you have experienced one of the following:

    • Car accidents
    • Truck accidents
    • Bus accidents
    • Pedestrian accidents
    • Bicycle accidents
    • Motorcycle accidents
    • Boat accidents
    • Slip and fall
    • Dog attacks
    • Medical malpractice
    • TBI
    • Theme park accidents
    • Child injuries

    Each of these types of personal injury cases have their own set of details and rules that require specific and focused litigation. You want to make sure that when you hire Orlando personal injury lawyers that they have a track record of success with your particular type of injury. You don’t want someone who does solely auto accidents working on your theme park accident case if they’ve never gone up against an insurance company that big before. We hope you reach out to our office to set up a free consultation right away to get to know our lawyers and find out how we can get you justice.

    Personal Injury Client Story

    The story that follows will give you additional insight into your personal injury claim. Names and details have been changed to protect the identity of our clients, but the helpfulness of the content remains.

    Make sure you read it to the end to get the most from it. When you’re done, please take advantage of our offer for free legal advice for your case by calling to schedule your consultation.

    On a rainy August afternoon in Orlando a few years ago, Stephanie Weldon dropped her sixteen-year-old daughter, Julie, off for soccer practice.

    Good thing this place has indoor fields, she thought, watching her daughter jump out of her old Jeep and run into the building.

    She couldn’t believe she’d been coming to this training facility for ten years now. This place was an amazing find, with a serious soccer program that was looking like it just might take Julie all the way to a college scholarship.

    Wow, Stephanie thought, I really am a ‘Soccer Mom.’

    Stephanie pulled out into traffic, heading to the grocery store. She had 90 minutes before picking Julie up. Just enough time to restock the fridge.

    As she pulled into the parking lot, she noticed an enormous tractor trailer disappearing behind the building to make a delivery. She always noticed them, because her husband was an over-the-road trucker. It always amazed Stephanie how the drivers were able to maneuver such large vehicles.

    Stephanie spent the next 50 minutes in the store before packing the back of the Jeep to the brim and heading to the parking lot’s exit. About 30 yards from the exit, Stephanie was cut off by the big rig as it attempted to leave via the same route. Stopping short, she caught her breath and held it again as the rear of the trailer just missed her front bumper as it swung around to pull up to the exit.

    That’s weird, Julie thought, I’ve never seen a big rig on this road, are they even allowed to exit this way?

    The truck’s driver must have realized his mistake at the same moment. Stephanie shrieked as the monstrous truck suddenly jolted and began backing toward her as he tried to turn around.

    She hit the horn and tried to back up, but the truck quickly made impact on the front driver’s side, pinning the hood of the Jeep. As the truck continued to swerve backward, Stephanie’s door frame buckled and glass splintered the air as the window shattered. Pain lanced through her left eye and she screamed, leaning on the horn as hard as she could.

    The driver didn’t seem to hear her as the front end of Stephanie’s Jeep crumpled toward the windshield. Stephanie couldn’t open her door. Thoughts of her children and husband raced through her head as she frantically hit the horn.

    A college kid in the car behind Stephanie also laid on his horn, adding to the noise to alert the truck, as his friend jumped out the passenger side and climbed onto the truck’s step, pounding on the driver’s door. Startled, the driver instinctively braked the vehicle.

    Stephanie spent four days in the hospital with broken leg and foot. She also needed surgery to remove glass from her left eye and had multiple lacerations on her face.

    She was glad to be alive. Her husband, Ty, was furious.

    We received Ty’s call the day he brought his wife home from the hospital. He said they needed information about a personal injury claim, starting with how much it would cost to hire us, how much Stephanie’s claim was worth, and how long it might take.

    How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Claim?

    They arrived at our office the next day. After settling Stephanie’s wheelchair at the conference table, Ty began pacing, clearly upset.

“How much would it cost to hire your firm to represent us?” he asked, as he turned back for another pass across the rug.

    We told the Weldons that our contingency fee model meant there would be no upfront cost.

    “We cover all of the expenses of your case from start to finish, and we only get paid when we bring your claim to a successful conclusion.”

    Ty made another pass, nodding his head.

    How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

    “So, how much do you think — Honey, please sit down,” Stephanie pleaded over her shoulder to her husband. “You’re going to make everybody seasick pacing like that.” He huffed and pulled out a chair.

    “It’s just not right,” he said, throwing his hands up. Stephanie caught one of them in her own”

    “And that’s why we’re here, Hon,” she soothed.

    “So, you think my case could be worth… how much?” she asked as Ty put his arm around her shoulders protectively.

    “That is not something we can accurately tell you at this stage of your claim, unfortunately.

    “First we’re going to need to do an accident investigation. Then we’ll need a clear understanding of your damages.

    “The investigation can get underway immediately. It’s good that you called us so quickly. We’ll visit the scene of the accident and speak to witnesses listed on the police report. We’ll work up your case thoroughly as though it’s going to trial.

    “The damages are going to take longer to figure out. We’re going to need your help with those, Stephanie. From now on, your main focus must be on your recovery. We’ll need you to reach what is called ‘maximum medical improvement.’

    “That is when your doctors can declare you ‘back to normal.’ If that level of recovery is not possible because of your injuries, we’ll need you to reach the highest level of recovery you can.

    “This will also be the point at which we know for sure that your surgeries are done with, and what any future medical treatment will look like for your injuries.

    “You’ll need to be conscientious about following your doctor’s treatment plan until you reach maximum medical improvement. That includes not overdoing activities. It’s going to be critical to your health and to the strength of your claim.

    “When you reach maximum medical improvement, we’ll have a clear understanding of your damages. Then we’ll know what your case is worth.”

    Ty started to push his chair back to resume pacing, but Stephanie held his wrist, keeping him beside her.

    “I understand. I assure you, I’m commitment to doing everything I can to assist in my recovery.”

    How Long Will My Personal Injury Claim Take?

    Stephanie’s phone buzzed with a call from Julie. She silenced it and sent a quick text that they’d be home soon.

    Two teenagers and a twelve-year old…how long before she could get back to her life, she wondered with a sigh. The kids would just have to pitch in and help. A lot.

    “Do you have any idea how long my claim will take?” she asked.

    “That too, will depend on a couple of things. First, how long it will take you to reach maximum medical improvement. Once you’re there and we know your damages, we’ll send a demand letter to the trucking company’s insurance provider.

    “The second factor in the timeline equation is how the insurance company reacts to the letter. If they are fair and reasonable, we’re good. Things can proceed smoothly and quickly.

    “If they refuse to be reasonable, we take them to court.

    “Don’t let this worry you, though. We have a long, successful history of winning cases like yours in the courtroom.

    “Besides, the insurance company knows who we are. It’s not unheard of for insurance companies to become much more willing to settle once they find out who they would be up against in court. Either way, we’ll be ready.

    “That’s why no matter whom you hire, we strongly recommend you choose a personal injury trial lawyer with a solid track record of success.”

    Stephanie and Ty were satisfied with the answers we provided about their personal injury claim. They retained our firm, and we are pleased to say we got Stephanie eight times more than the amount the insurance company initially offered.

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    “In October 2015, My husband was a passenger in a horrible car accident and was hospitalized for two months. After being in ICU for a little over a month , I reached out to Mr. Corzo and He met me in the hospital a day after. Since my husband was still unconscious and in ICU I decided to hire Mr.Corzo for Davids personal injury and workers compensation case. From the moment I met Mr.Corzo he was very emphatic and attentive to all my questions and concerns. Anytime I would email him with a question he would get back to me right away. I would even email/text his paralegal Denise after hours if I had any questions and she would get back to me within a hour. Mr. Corzo made sure he fully explained and went over everything with us before we made any decisions. Mr. Corzo went out of his way to make sure David was taken care of. After my husband was released from the hospital, Mr. Corzo called and checked up on David and made sure he was getting the care he needed. I truly believe Mr. Corzo went above and beyond for my husband in winning both cases. We are extremely blessed with the outcome and would highly recommend him to anyone that may need a lawyer. Due to my husbands injuries we will need to apply for disability, Mr.Corzo offered to help us fill out the paper work and make sure everything is done correctly. We can’t THANK him enough for all that he has done for our family. #Thankful”– David and Jennifer Alvarez

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