3 Car Accident Tips

Did you or a loved one get injured in a car wreck? Check out these 3 car accident tips for guidance, then contact our Orlando lawyers today.

Car Accident Case Value

3 Car Accident TipsOur clients always seem to ask, “How much is my case worth? How much am I going to get?” They search on the internet, they ask, and they try to find a way to determine what that is. There’s really no simple way to really gauge the value of the case. The reason is because every case is different. Every individual is different. Every injury is different. All the facts of the case are different, so it’s very difficult for any attorney to say your case is worth X amount. We really don’t know what the case is going to be worth until after all of the person’s treatment is done. Until we know exactly the type of injuries that were sustained, they type of treatment, the amount of lost wages, that’s when we can get a better idea of what it’s worth.

As a generality, the value of the case is determined by the amount of outstanding medical bills or the medical bills that you’ve accumulated in your treatment, the type of injuries and how those injuries are going to affect you in the future, the cost of future medical care and lost wages, and your pain and suffering. Those are the elements that go into determining the value of a case.

As you can see, until we have a better understanding of that individual’s actual injuries, what they’ve suffered and the type of treatment they’ve done, it’s very difficult to say. What is important is to hire an attorney that’s familiar with car accident cases in Orlando that can actually evaluate the case properly and help you get the most out of your case.

Car Accident Case Timeline

Many clients tend to ask how long the process is going to take, specifically, “How long will it take for me to resolve the case? How long am I in for?” and it depends on every case, of course. Typical cases are going to require you to, first and foremost, get better. That is the treatment phase, which is when you’re going to the doctor, making sure that your injuries are tended to, making sure that you’re back to your old self or as close to that as you can be. That usually will take anywhere from three to six months. Obviously the more injured someone is, the longer it’s going to take, so that question is difficult to give a direct answer to.

Most cases resolve without the need of going to court. Usually it’ll be a few months after you’re done with your treatment, but it depends. It’s a long process. What we always tell our clients is, “Look, don’t worry about the legal side. Let us worry about that.” Their job is only to get better, and that’s what we would tell you or any of our clients, is to focus on getting better.

For this or any other questions, feel free to give us a call.

After a Car Accident

When people are injured in car accidents in Orlando, one of the first things we always recommend to our clients or our family members to do is to obviously contact the police, first and foremost. If you need an ambulance, if you feel like you’ve sustained injuries that need immediate attention, call an ambulance. Do not worry about insurances. Do not worry about the cost. Always worry about your health first. That’s first and foremost, to get out of the danger zone, so to speak.

After that, before you do anything else, consult with an attorney that’s knowledgeable in car accidents in Orlando, Florida. The reason is that they’ll be able to explain to you the next steps and how to proceed in the event of a car accident. Obviously, after calling the police, get treatment for any type of injuries that you sustained. Call the insurance company to make sure that the claim is set up appropriately. Give any statements that need to get made. All that should be done through your attorney because there’s a lot of pitfalls that people can fall into if they attempt to take those steps by themselves. Cases where fault is not clear could end up hurting you, as they could end up making the case seem more like it’s your fault than it really is.

It’s very important to get assistance immediately from the onset of a case. For this or any other questions, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

Have you suffered a serious injury in a car accident in Florida and have questions about these 3 car accident tips? Contact our experienced Orlando car accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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