3 Family Immigration Claim Tips

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1) Losing Citizenship from Moving Abroad

3 Family Immigration Claim TipsBasically, when you have citizenship, you’re a citizen of the United States. You are free from any type of immigration restriction whatsoever. The United States allows dual citizenship so you may have citizenship in your home country and in the United States and you’re able to travel, come and go as you please.

This is now your home country as well and you’re treated as if you were born here. Being a citizen has many advantages in that you can travel and live overseas, come back home, go back. You’re basically going to be free from any restrictions that you may not be free if you had a green card or if you were here on an asylum protection or many other situations may prevent you from traveling, but once you obtain citizenship, you’re free to basically do and live your life as you please.

2) Prior Arrests Are Preventing Citizenship

It depends. Some arrests can result in your green card being revoked and have you deported back to your country. One of the reasons or one of the requirements for you to become a United States citizen is you must show good moral characters. A lot of arrests that have to deal with drugs, drug use, selling drugs, gang activity, violent activity, those types of crimes, being convicted of those types of crimes, can many times cause you to get deported and may prevent you from obtaining a United States citizenship, even some arrests, even without a conviction, specifically, like we mentioned, for drugs, that may tend to show that you’re not a person or what they feel a person of good moral character is. Even the mere arrest can sometimes have a detrimental arrest to your continued stay in the United States. That part may cause you to be deported. Being arrested alone may also affect your ability to obtain citizenship because, like we said, one of the requirements is to show that you’re of good moral character. Anyone that’s here that’s trying to immigrate into the United States that’s here under a visa, it’s important that they try to avoid any type of entanglement with the law.

If they don’t, it’s important that you retain an attorney that’s not only experienced in criminal law but that has experience in immigration law as well so that they can make sure that what you do and what defenses and how you handle your criminal case doesn’t affect your immigration status and your immigration situation. Those two go hand in hand. We at the Victory law firm have attorneys that specialize in criminal law and we also have attorneys that specialize in immigration and we are able to navigate both to make sure that we don’t affect someone’s immigration status or ability to continue to stay or gain citizenship in the United States isn’t accepted by a mistake or a perceived mistake or by an unlawful detainment by a police officer.

3) Filing for U.S. Citizenship

 The United States allows citizenship for people who are over 18 years of age. That’s the first requirement. You must have been living here three or five years depending on your circumstances continuously legally under a green card. You’re required to speak, write, and read English, the English language. There are certain couple of other requirements. You must show that you’re of good moral character, things of this nature. Then you must go through the naturalization process. That process is relatively simple. You do have to know and learn a little bit about the United States. You must demonstrate that you can read, speak, and write, and you must have been here and be a productive member of society.

It’s one of the most beautiful things you can do is to become a United States citizen. It’s a very happy moment for many people that have struggled, not only to leave their home country to come here but to create a life and to create a good life here in the United States and to finally reach that goal. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

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