Choosing the Right DWI Attorney

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How Do I Choose an Attorney to Represent Me in a DUI?


This is an issue that comes up many times when we meet with clients. They ask, “Why should I choose you? Why should I choose your firm?” Having someone protect you and protect your interests, protect your freedom, is very important. We would say that the most critical factor is you need to find someone that you’ve sat down with and spoken to about their experience and their length of time in practicing in this field, how many cases they’ve had, how many times they’ve gone to trial and what their results are.

We’ve been practicing almost 20 years now; a significant portion of it was handling these types of cases. We are very familiar with handling DUI cases in Orlando and Kissimmee, Orange and Osceola Counties. We are familiar with the prosecutors and their prosecution style, the types of courses that they offer, the types of evidence that we need to defend your case and they need to prosecute your case, all the details that go into helping the client achieve the best possible outcome. At the end of the day, any type of criminal case is very important because it could affect your ability to stay free – the freedom to be at your home, the freedom to be at your job, the freedom to come and go as you please. These are all so important and speaking with and hiring an attorney that has that experience is going to be critical, and it’s going to be your best chance at getting the best possible outcome.

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