Differences Between Motorcycle and Car Accident Cases

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How are motorcycle accident claims different than car accident claims?


Here in Florida we have a tremendous amount of motorcycle enthusiasts, thanks to our year-round beautiful weather, and sometimes bad things happen. People sometimes wonder what the difference is between motorcycle accidents and auto accidents. They’re actually quite similar. You still have the four-year statute of limitations, which means you have four years to file a lawsuit. If you’ve been involved in an accident involving your motorcycle and it’s been within four years, you still have the ability to make that claim if you have not already.

Motorcycle accidents are not much different than automobile accidents in that we would be making a claim against the at-fault party. Overwhelmingly, motorcycle accidents involve vehicles who strike motorcycles. central Florida, in particular, is home to so many tourists who do not know the roads, are unfamiliar with them, aren’t watching out for motorcyclists, are distracted and have other things going on – screaming kids in the background – so we have a disproportionate amount of injuries and fatalities here in central Florida due to automobiles impacting motorcycles, as well as the disproportion amount of elderly drivers that we have in central Florida who tend to be involved in more car accidents than other demographics.

The type of case that you have will very much mirror what an automobile accident is like if you’ve been involved in one of those before, but there are key differences. It’s very important that you don’t hire an attorney who is only experienced in automobile accidents. It’s very important that you hire an attorney who is experienced in handling motorcycle accidents specifically. Please reach out to the Victory Law Firm if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident here in Florida.

When choosing a motorcycle accident attorney, it’s very important that you choose one that has significant experience in this field and is willing and able to take your case to trial if necessary. Please do reach out to the attorneys here at the Victory Law Firm if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and we’d be happy to speak with you.

Have you been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida and have questions about the differences between motorcycle and car accident cases? Contact our experienced Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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