Faulty Sidewalk Injury

Do you have questions about suing the city for a faulty sidewalk injury in Orlando? After watching this video, contact our attorneys today.


Can I sue a city or county for my injuries from a sidewalk or curb?


We’ve represented many clients, many of which who have been tourists or visiting the Orlando, Florida area who have fallen or tripped because of cracked sidewalks, raised sidewalks. Many times, we have visitors that come to the Orlando area. They don’t want to rent a car. What do they do? They walk. They walk around. They walk around downtown. They walk around the theme park areas. They have their families with them. They’re not familiar with these areas. They haven’t walked these areas before. Sometimes they’re walking them at night.

If you are experiencing this type of situation, and we’ve dealt with this in the past, yes, you will have a claim or you can have a claim against a county or a city or whoever is responsible for those sidewalks. It is their responsibility to ensure that those sidewalks are in reasonably safe conditions. We need to make sure that we hold them accountable for making sure that they are kept in compliance, make sure that they are maintained properly. We will tell you that if it is a sidewalk or a driveway that is owned and maintained by a government, municipality, a city, or a county, that they have different regulations. They have different laws that apply to them. They have certain limits on the amount of recovery that you can get in these cases. They are oftentimes fought tooth and nail by the city or the county.

What we recommend is if you ever have a slip and fall because of a sidewalk or a driveway that is maintained by a governmental organization such as a city or a county in the Orlando, Florida area, that you hire an attorney that’s familiar with dealing with these specific types of cases so that they can explain to you what may be different than falling at a sidewalk or a driveway or a location that is not owned or maintained by a city or a municipality because these can affect your case and it can affect the ultimate outcome of the case. If you have any other questions about slip and fall in Orlando, Florida, don’t hesitate to contact our firm.

Have you been seriously injured in a slip and fall or a trip and fall in Florida on someone else’s property that you believe was caused by negligence and carelessness and have questions about suing the city for a faulty sidewalk injury? Contact our experienced Orlando Slip and fall lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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