Green Card Holder was Arrested

Are you wondering what will happen when a green card holder was arrested? Watch this video about removal proceedings for a green card holder.


I’m a green card holder and didn’t serve jail time, so why am I being put into removal proceedings?


We had a client not too long ago ask us why he was being put into removal proceedings if he’s a green card holder. He did get arrested, but he hadn’t served any time, he hadn’t been convicted. Unfortunately, part of the requirements for you to have a green card is for you to be of good moral character and to maintain yourself free from any type of criminal activity. There are some cases or some types of crimes, particularly drug related, that even if you’re not convicted, the immigration, the United States feels that they show that you are not of good moral character and they can use that to deport you and cancel your green card and deport you out of the country. It’s important that any type of crime, whatever it is, even if you’re not convicted, that you talk to an attorney, not only a criminal attorney but an attorney that has experience in immigration law because what you do in your criminal case could affect what happens with your immigration case and with your green card.

Unfortunately, like we said, even if you’re not convicted, depending on what happens, they could use that arrest to try to deport you and remove you from the United States. It’s very important that you contact an attorney that specializes in both. Here at the Victory law firm, we have attorneys that handle criminal law cases as immigration law cases. Many times, when the two meet, you have a whole team to make sure that you do not do anything in your criminal case that will affect your status here in the United States. For this or any other questions related to any immigration questions, feel free to give us a call.

Have you questions regarding deportation legal matters and have questions about what will happen when a green card holder was arrested? Contact our experienced Orlando immigration lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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