Mistakes To Avoid After a TBI

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What are the common mistakes to avoid after a TBI claim?


We’ve had the situation when a client comes in, either them or a loved one, and they’ve had a traumatic brain injury in Orlando, Florida. One of the critical things they do is not hiring an attorney who’s experienced in dealing with these types of cases. One of the biggest mistakes that we see is they just hire someone who’s never handled this type of case before. What that does is it can severely effect and impact your ability to resolve the case in the best way possible.

An attorney has to be experienced in that. They have to have dealt with these cases before. They have to know who the experts are that need to be consulted. If it’s a significant motor vehicle accident, the type of experts that they need to get to secure that, the type of medical experts that they need to guide them through the process, all of this is critical in ensuring that the traumatic brain injury case receives the top value possible.

This is important because oftentimes brain injury claims deal with, the person that’s injured, it deals with the fact that they have changed somehow. They’re not the person that they used to be. This can be significant in terms of getting the justice that you or your loved one deserves. Oftentimes the mistake is just going with the wrong attorney, going with an attorney that’s never handled these cases before.

The other thing that we see is not getting the treatment after the accident. Many times after even a minor accident, some individuals don’t get the medical treatment that they should be getting simply because they aren’t told to or they haven’t spoken with an attorney. They don’t feel like it. Maybe they feel okay after the accident. It’s very important to make sure that you get checked out, that you make sure you let all your medical providers know exactly what’s going on with you, how you’re feeling, and particularly if you’ve hit your head, if you’ve hit it against the dashboard, against the window, if you fall and hit it on the ground.

In any of those circumstances, any time your head is involved, you need to make sure to let the medical providers know, get that medical treatment so that it’s documented. Sometimes these head injuries can manifest later or they can continue in upward trajectory and become more serious than they were initially. Documenting that initial injury and that impact and getting that treatment right away is very important. Oftentimes, if clients don’t do that or if others don’t do that, it’s is detrimental to their case.

It’s very important to make sure to get an attorney that is knowledgeable in handling traumatic brain injury cases. It’s also very important to make sure you get the medical treatment that you need to ensure that you have the best possible outcome.

Have you been seriously injured in an accident in Florida and now suffer from a head injury or TBI, also known as a traumatic brain injury and have questions about the mistakes to avoid after a TBI? Contact our experienced Orlando TBI lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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