Orlando Dog Bite Liability

Are you wondering who is at fault for a dog bite? Learn about Orlando dog bite liability in this video, then contact our Florida attorneys.


Can someone other than the dog owner be responsible?


One of the most common questions we get is who’s responsible if a dog attacks someone. Now, the natural answer is the dog owner, but it doesn’t end there. There could be other parties who were negligent even though they had no possession, control, or ownership of the actual dog that attacked you. It’s important to speak with an experienced attorney who handled these particular types of cases. We’ll be able to know how many defendants there might be, how many at fault parties there might be, other theories of negligence to pursue in furtherance of your case. If you have been the victim of a dog bite attack, please contact us here at the Victory law firm.

Have you suffered a serious injury because you were attacked by a dog in Florida and have questions about how Orlando dog bite liability could affect your case? Contact our experienced Orlando dog bite lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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