Reentry Into The U.S.

Were you deported from the U.S. and now want to return? Watch this video about reentry into the U.S. after removal to learn what can be done.


Can you come back to us after being deported?


We are asked many times whether if you are deported you can come back into the United States. You can but many times there are timed bars. It may be three years, five years, 20 years. It may be never. Depending on the type of deportation and what happened in your case, some people are barred from ever returning to the United States. Some people have to wait 20 years. Some people have to wait five years. It’s going to depend. However, it also depends on what happened in your case. Sometimes the judge won’t enter an order deporting you but will instead enter a voluntary deportation that you decided to deport yourself voluntarily. That changes the amount of time that you have to stay away.

It’s important that even though you’ve been deported, or a family member has been deported that you don’t just throw up your hands and say there’s nothing you can do. You hire an attorney. The attorney is going to investigate what happened when the deportation proceedings occurred, what order was actually entered, and based on that, we can tell you how long the time limit is that you have to wait, what exactly happened, and we can make a plan to try to get you back into the United States in a legal way to avoid that in the future.

Have you questions regarding deportation legal matters and have questions about reentry into the U.S. after removal? Contact our experienced Orlando immigration lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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