Florida Bicycle Accident Case Value

Have you been injured by a car and have questions about determining your Florida bicycle accident case value? Watch this video, then call us.


How Do I Determine the Value of My Bike Accident Claim?


Just this week, we had a client who was riding her bicycle and she was struck by a vehicle. One of her first questions is what the value of her case is and how is that determined. Now, the value of a case is going to be different from every other case. The specific facts and the injuries are going to determine what the value of a case is. As a jumping off point, we normally tell clients that the medical bills are where we start out to determine what the value of your case might be. The less the medical bills, the lower the value of the case. The more severe the injuries, then the higher the medical bills, the higher the value of the case tends to be.

Now, that’s just a starting off point. From there, an experienced attorney will raise the value of the case based on other factors. Those factors include pain and suffering, which is to say how much has this case affected you, how has it affected your family, in the short-term and in the long-term, also have you missed time from work, have you lost the ability to earn wages in the future, loss of earning capacity, have you had to make personal accommodations, are you out of pocket for anything, medications. There are many things that factor into determining what the value of your case is. It’s important that you speak with an attorney who is experienced in bicycle accidents specifically, not just motor vehicle accidents or any type of other personal injury, but bicycle accidents specifically. If you’re a cyclist who’s been injured, please reach out to us at the Victory law firm.

Have you suffered a serious injury in a bicycle accident and have questions about your Florida bicycle accident case value? Contact our experienced Orlando bicycle accident lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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