What To Do When Becoming a US Citizen

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1) Choosing the Right Attorney

What To Do When Becoming a US CitizenMany people ask how to choose the right immigration attorney in Orlando. That’s an important question. In Orlando, we have this influx of paralegals which are acting as attorneys and offering their services to persons in their immigration cases, sometimes charging a lot less than an attorney may charge. However, these paralegals do not have the resources or experience to really handle an immigration case. All they really can do is assist you in filling out the initial forms. The first stage is important in that you’re actually selecting an attorney, even if it sounds like an attorney, you have to ask that question, are you an attorney licensed by the Florida bar. If they’re not, we would recommend against selecting them, even though it may seem easier, it may seem cheaper, you’re usually better off selecting an attorney.

Now, as far as attorneys, it’s important that you speak to your attorney. It’s important that you know that your attorney is the one that’s going to be handling the petition, that’s going to be handling the application, that they’re the ones that are going to be assisting and that they’re not going to dump it off on a paralegal. A lot of times, the paralegals are the ones doing most of the work while the attorney just signs his name. It’s important that you understand that and that you know who is actually handling your case.

The other thing is it’s important that you have an attorney that in your contract is going to go through all the way with you not only filling the application but assisting you in any interviews and in the event that this is a case that requires court appearance that they’re going to appear in court with you to assist you with your immigration situation. It’s always best, many times it’s important that your attorney speaks your language. All the attorneys here are bilingual. We all speak Spanish. We’re all fluent in Spanish so we can understand a person’s intricacies and their desires, and we can communicate more effectively. If you have any questions about this or anything else, feel free to give us a call.

2) K-1 Fiancé Visa Timeline

We are also asked how long it takes to get approved for a fiancé visa. If it’s done at the consulate, usually it goes a little bit faster. It depends on which country we’re talking about how long it’s going to take. A good estimate would be four or five months or so before you get an approval. Those visas will require you to have an interview at the consulate. They’re going to want to know who you’re coming with, why they’re coming, all the normal types of questions, but typically, that’s what it’ll take. If you do it here in the US, it could take a little bit longer but we could petition for you to stay during that process so that you don’t have to leave the country and come back. You can stay and get married during the normal course of your life and it also is going to depend on what your status is and why you came to the United States originally and if you’re here illegally. If you entered illegally, that may not be the appropriate route. Everything is factual specific when it comes to immigration law because everybody’s situation is very different. We invite you to give us a call, that was we can learn your exact situation and give you advice that’ll help in your situation. Feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

3) Filing for U.S. Citizenship

We are always asked from people that have been here what they need to do to become a United States citizen when they’re living here in Orlando, Florida. The United States allows citizenship for people who are over 18 years of age. That’s the first requirement. You must have been living here three or five years depending on your circumstances continuously legally under a green card. You’re required to speak, write, and read English, the English language. There are certain couple of other requirements. You must show that you’re of good moral character, things of this nature. Then you must go through the naturalization process. That process is relatively simple. You do have to know and learn a little bit about the United States. You must demonstrate that you can read, speak, and write, and you must have been here and be a productive member of society.

It’s one of the most beautiful things you can do is to become a United States citizen. It’s a very happy moment for many people that have struggled, not only to leave their home country to come here but to create a life and to create a good life here in the United States and to finally reach that goal. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of. If this is your situation and you’ve been here and you think you want to, even if you haven’t been here but you think your ultimate goal is to become a United States citizen, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to explain to you the process, what you need to do, and how you can attain that ultimate goal. For this or any other questions, feel free to give us a call.

4) Waiting For a Green Card

Probably the number one question we get is how long does this process take. There’s no easy answer. Depending on the type of petition you’re making, it can take anywhere from six months, maybe a year. It depends on the type of petition that you’re making. It depends on how busy the homeland security is. It depends on many different factors on how long it takes. Basically, you’re looking easily about a year, depending on the type of petition before you get a response. It’s not a quick process, unfortunately, especially if you are doing it in a consulate overseas, the waiting can be very tedious. Those tend to be a little bit faster but easily you’re going to be looking six months to a year before you get a response to your request. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call.

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